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Why Glamour Photography Is A Choice Of So Many Women?

Just imagine this – your very own photo shoot, complete with special dresses or gowns, pairs of shoes that you rarely wear unless it’s for a super special occasion, heavy make-up that accentuates your best facial features, poses for the camera that you’d never do on a regular day and to just be lost in an environment filled with lights, the clickety sounds of camera shutters, reflectors and instructions from a professional photographer. Ahh, aren’t glamour photography sessions just the best? Don’t these glamour photography sessions just bring out not only the best in you but perhaps a “different” side of you as well?

Regardless of the glitz and, well, glamour of it all…one can’t help but wonder why a lot of women are drawn to glamour photography. Just what is it about glamour photography that makes it a favorite choice among so many women all around the world? What makes even non-models curious about glamour photography?

To understand the possible reasons why, let’s discuss the basic ins and outs of glamour photography first. Compared to fashion photos, photos taken during glamour photo shoots are usually for personal use. These photos are usually for one’s portfolio, for one’s special personal photo album at home or for one’s special collection of possible portraits that can be framed or given away. Not a few have attested that their glamour photos have been given away as souvenirs during birthday parties, debuts, soirees and other special occasions. In the case of personal portfolios, on the other hand, a lot of women use their glamour photos to present their various “looks.”

A lot of women are drawn towards glamour photography because truth be told, it’s an easy albeit temporary chance to feel and experience how it is to lead a glamorous life. After all, not everyone can be as lucky as Mariah Carey or Beyonce, who both have stylists, hairstylists, make up artists and personal shoppers at their beck and call. To be in a glamour photography session, complete with your very own glamour photographer – or, to make it ultra fabulous – glamour photographers! – can really be an exciting experience for every woman. To be the center of attention, to be fully made up, to be taken care of is definitely an experience no woman can ever say no to.

Which brings us to an important detail – what should ladies who want to have their own glamour photography sessions do beforehand and how should they prepare? First of all, you must choose a really good glamour photographer. One whom you think you can be comfortable with. This is very important and a little bit tricky. You see, not all photographers have pleasing personalities and not all photographers who have pleasing personalities can be great glamour photographers. And have we mentioned that not all photographers have the sense of professionalism and have the skills needed to conduct a memorable glamour photography shoot? Now before you become totally lost and confused – let us put it this way: if you really want an enjoyable and relaxed glamour photography experience, choose a professional glamour photographer who has a pleasing personality, who has the skills and preferably who has gained a good reputation. It’s also important that the professional glamour photographer has the needed equipment to produce wonderful shots. When it comes to glamour photography sessions, a mere DSLR camera and a reflector just can’t cut it! Also, the glamour photographer must have gained good feedback from previous clients. So you must take the time out to ask for references or ask friends for recommendations. Another thing that you need to consider is discussing with your glamour photographer the possible themes, poses, angles and concepts that will be the pegs during the shoot. You may even want to ask him or her for suggestions in terms of make up, clothes, shoes, accessories and other things to wear and bring during your photo shoot. Or if you want, you can discuss what type of “attitude” you need to have during the shoot. Does your glamour photographer want you to feel like a vixen? A villain? A sexy and confident lady? Best if the two of you have already agreed on certain things before the start of the actual glamour photography session.


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