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Welcome London Photographers!
We are a group of independent photographers, photography retouchers, stylists, make-up artists and videographers. Initial idea for the site was to create a directory for all the London photographers that are out there or alternatively create photography related article hub, which is what this site currently is.
Would like to contribute? Feel free to send us photography industry related articles or any other content that you think will be useful to our readers. And just contact us if you have any questions. In the meantime also check out some of our photography services and other services that you may find very very helpful:

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Professional London Photographers

Professional London photographers can provide excellent results while taking advantage of in-depth expertise after years of experience working with many clients and photo shooting actors, fashion, product, and corporate photography. Many photographers can provide best results for a variety of unique needs. It hardly matters whether the photo session is taken indoors or outdoors. Many London photographers have a cost-effective solutions for every situation. There are photographers that could be available on an hourly, half-day, or whole-day basis. Of course the longer the shoot, the more you save while having more time , the number of images retouched and a choice of photographs to choose from after the photo shoot.

One of the largest misconceptions about portrait photography is that photographing people is easily accomplished. Simply strike the right pose with a little bit of lighting and you’ve got the perfect shot. Some however think that it is far simpler to deal with products that can be moved around and  positioned exactly however way you want. It is a lot harder to achieve with people portrait photography, as you have to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Portrait photography is dependent on an engaging expression, specific lighting, correct positioning and an appropriate background. This becomes especially difficult when taken out of the studio and having to blend all those external elements into one perfect shot. Many London photographers are sensitive to this need and are dedicated to communicating the characteristics and personality of a subject.

Whatever your photography needs are some of the top photography studios have corporate and fashion photographers for special events and take lasting images through the use of expression, posture, emotion, composition, lighting, setting and props. Communicate to your photographer and make sure they know exactly what you need so they can tailor-fit the photo shoot and deliver exactly what you need.

If you are an actor/actress, musician, performer, singer, dancer or TV presenter and need professional photography for castings and auditions then a professional photographer, who has many years of experience in shooting professional headshots, can give you the best chance at a casting call-back. They know what a casting director looks for. Simple isn’t it. These photographers can provide you with a unique headshot and portrait photography style that meets top quality industry standards. First impressions, even from just a photograph, do count.

Many photography packages offered on the market are all-inclusive consisting of, but not limited to, a consultation prior to the shoot; a 1 or 2 hour photographic shoot; a personal online gallery that you can use to preview the images taken where you could choose a free high resolution images; a FREE CD of all the images taken; and free recorded postage to your home or business address.


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Welcome to London Photographers Website!

Hi everyone,


We are still in development of this website and deciding what exactly we are going to do with it.

  1. One idea is to make it London Photographers directory where everyone can search and find professional London photographers for various assignments.
  2. Another idea is to make it into forum and introduce a lot of discussions about photography and post photography assignments.
  3. Third Idea is to make it a photography blog with professional photography tips, tricks and techniques.
  4. Fourth, is to make it a photography article directory with useful articles to be shared across the internet  with posts about photography.

As you can see a lot of ideas but no decision just yet.

So please do check back later to see what we have done!


In the meantime have a look at some of the useful links below, photography article and contact us if you have any questions.



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