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Looking for a Photo Studio Hire In London?

photo studio hire

(c) Headshot London Photography studio in Shoreditch, London

Well, if you don’t know where to start when looking to hire photography studio in London then have a look at our quick guide that will help you to identify things to look out for.

1. Size

Decide what kind of photo shoot do you need the photo studio for? If it is a portrait then you will not need a big space. A space between 400-700 sq ft will be more than sufficient for portraits and full length shots. If you are planning something a bit bigger like a fashion shoot with props or a group shot then look for a space that will start from around 600 sq ft – 1000 sq ft as it will give you the necessary space to  step back and capture more floor space around the photographed subject. Product and food photography would not require much space, so a smaller studio should be fine. You will need a bigger photography studio space if you are shooting cars or furniture, so look for studios that are 1000 sq feet and above. The studio you will be looking for will also need to be located on the ground floor and have large entrance doors, so you are able to get the products inside the space.

Professional photography studio in London, shoreditch

(c) Headshot London Photography studio

2. Type

There are two different types of spaces you can go for: a room / location or a professional photo studio. The studio will have obvious advantages as it will have all of the props as well as the necessary equipment if you will need it during the shoot. This can be handy if you don’t have a large amount of photography equipment and also in case some of your equipment suddenly breaks. You will also not need to carry tons of equipment on a shoot with you. Also, most of the studios have a good ceilings hight, which also will be an advantage. On the other hand if you are looking for a specific look, like a super modern furnished space or a luxurious country house, then the location will be the obvious choice.

black and white portrait in the hotel

(c) Headshot London Photography – photo shoot at the hotel

3. Location

Also have a think about location! A professional photography studio in central location in London would most likely be more expensive than a studio in the outskirts. As you can imagine the rents and the overheads of running a large studio space in London would be high, so budget for that during your planning stages. A typical central London photo studio cost could range from £200 to £1000+ per day depending on the size and the type of the studio.

Photo Studio London - Photo Retouching Services and Computer Screens

(c) Headshot London Photography studio – Photo Retouching Screens for post production on the day

4. Equipment Hire

Again if you don’t have all the necessary equipment for the shoot then a professional studio should be your choice unless you are happy to hire all the necessary bits and also already have spares. Make sure you plan well prior to the shoot and have all the right equipment to ensure your photo shoot runs smoothly and without missing / broken equipment incidents as it will delay your shoot on the day and will not look professional.

Photo Studio London Makeup area

(c) Headshot London Photography – Makeup area before the photo shoot

5. Add-on Services

Think about additional bits such as photo retouching services, printing, scanning could prove very handy. Professional studio will have a number or computer screens, which could be very handy and will also the client to review the work you did on the spot. Some studios also offer catering services, so have this in mind when booking and let them know what you and your client may need for a lunch. If you have a full day photo shoot, this will be very handy and will help to spend the day more effectively and conveniently.

Professional fashion PR shoot for a clothing brand in the photo studio

(c) Headshot London Photography – PR Fashion shoot for a clothing brand MQT

6. What else?

During your planning stages ensure you think of everything – the number of looks / shots, make-up artist, clothing stylist, hair stylist, space, type of shoot, equipment, spare equipment, location, props, backgrounds, clothing changes, weather, models, logistics, food, etc. A good professional studio will also be able to help you with all of your requirements if you need help and will be able to recommend right type of professionals for your shoot.


Have a wonderful photo shoot and get in touch if with us at Headshot London if you have any questions!