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Finding The Best Photography Studios in London

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If you’re a beginner, you might think that hiring a photographic studio would be easy – after all, you’re simply looking for a big white space.  But with a bit of experience, you’ll quickly realise that not all studios are created equal…


Here’s a quick guide to the questions you need to ask to make sure the studio you hire is fit for purpose.


How big is it?

Naturally, the bigger the studio, the more room you’ll have for your shoot – but the more you’ll pay.  Decide how much space you think you’ll need depending upon the subject of your shoot.  And while you’re at it, think about access – if you need to bring in anything taller or wider than a normal door, check that this is going to be possible in advance.  You won’t get that custom Harley up a flight of stairs!


Is it a professional photography studio or an empty room?

A professional studio will have several obvious advantages over an empty room!  In a photography studio there will be backdrops for you to use (at a charge) or facilities for you to hang your own; photographic lights and equipment for hire; additional changing and make-up areas.  Additionally, you’ll find that good studios tend to have high ceilings to allow for overhead lights, air conditioning, tall windows for natural light, window blinds to filter or eliminate light, and an electrical supply that has been adapted cope with the demands of all the lights and equipment required.

An empty room, however, is an empty room.   But it will be cheaper.


Where is it?

A convenient location can make all the difference, particularly if you need to assemble a cast of thousands.  Or even just a few.  If you need to bring your clients into a studio, try to find one that’s convenient to where they work in central London.  Asking your subjects to trek out to the back and beyond of nowhere, far from the reaches of public transport, doesn’t present a very professional image – and could cut down on the amount of time you’ll have available for the shoot itself.


Does it fit your image?

Image might not be important to you if the shoot will be you, a camera and a box of product.  But if you’re going to have clients, models and stylists in the studio, you will want to present a professional image.  A smart, well-designed studio will speak volumes about you as a photographer and if your client is impressed by the setting, they’ll already be predisposed to like the resulting photos.


Can you hire any additional equipment you might need?

No one wants to have to bring every single piece of equipment with them to a shoot, and even if you think you have all you need, as often as not you’ll want something else or your piece of equipment will malfunction.  So to ensure that your shoot will run smoothly no matter what, choose a studio that is already well equipped and from which you can hire anything you need.  Check the price list before you make the booking to see what they’ve got and how much it might cost.


Do they offer additional services?

On-site imaging services might prove very useful to you, especially if you want to be able to wrap things up fast.  Doing your post production on site means that your client can approve things there and then and in a high quality studio, you could have access to some serious bits of kit.  Retouching, printing, scanning and processing services will have the advantage of being under one roof – making it both convenient and economical: a one-stop shop for all your photographic needs.


Before you book

Before you make a booking with a photographic studio, work out exactly what you need to shoot in terms of subject and number of shots, how much space will be necessary and what equipment you can take with you and what you might want to hire when you’re there.  Think about the location and who needs to come with you on the shoot and work out a date that suits everybody involved.  Email your requirements to get a price on everything you need and check their availability.


When all this information is to your satisfaction, make your provisional booking, confirm it nearer to the day and then go for it.


Have a good shoot!

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